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Family Doctors Do More Than You Think

Whole Family
Family doctors take care of the whole family. They are trained in all areas of medicine and care for everyone, regardless of age or gender. Family doctors care for your physical as well as your emotional needs.

A family doctor is responsible for treating all illnesses, whether the illness comes on fast, or it is a lingering chronic illness or disease.

Your family doctor will refer you to a specialist if the illness is out of his expertise. They will coordinate your care and make sure you are achieving the best outcome, in the most cost-effective way.

Preventative Care
Your doctor will also do his or her best to keep you healthy. Preventative testing and screenings can sometimes eliminate long term diseases.

A Snapshot vs the Photograph

Which do you prefer?
A visit to an immediate care facility or the Emergency Room is not a good way to manage your health. In those facilities, providers are only able to get a snapshot of what is happening at the very moment you are there. What are your symptoms? It takes hours sometimes to diagnose you. They ask you for repetitive information. You fill out mounds of forms. Plus it’s expensive! A lot of these visits can be eliminated if you have a relationship with a Primary Care Physician or Family Doctor. You will have a direction that your health might be headed in. Maybe you won’t be caught off-guard if you have a relationship with a physician that cares about you and can help you to understand potential health issues.

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